.NYC Premium Fashion Week Auction Underway Feb 1st!

Auctions.nyc and the City of New York have chosen SnapNames as their auction partner for 24 Premium and valuable .NYC domains related to fashion!

Coinciding with NYC Fashion Week, the auction will run the entire month, with the end date of Feb 28th. The domains were hand-selected due to being brandable, relevant, marketable, and search engine friendly.

This is the second auction held for .NYC premium domains, with the first round held this past October for real estate-related domains. RealEstate.NYC sold for $21,300, grossing the highest amount of the group.

Will the fashion industry step up and out-sell the first auction? You have to wait and see!

Here’s the full list of domains being auctioned:

  • Apparel.nyc
  • Boots.nyc
  • Boutique.nyc
  • Bras.nyc.NYC domains SnapNames
  • Clothes.nyc
  • Couture.nyc
  • Deals.nyc
  • Designer.nyc
  • Fashion.nyc
  • Jewelry.nyc
  • Lingerie.nyc
  • Makeup.nyc
  • Models.nyc
  • Photographer.nyc
  • Rings.nyc
  • Runway.nyc
  • Salon.nyc
  • Shirts.nyc
  • Shoes.nyc
  • Shop.nyc
  • Sneakers.nyc
  • Stylist.nyc
  • Suits.nyc
  • Swimsuit.nyc

If you want to participate in the auction, you must create an account at SnapNames.com. All names carry a minimum bid of $500. Please note that any winners of .NYC domain names must be an individual or business with a physical address within the 5 boroughs. All .NYC domain name buyers must meet all nexus requirements set forth by the City of New York.