SnapNames Acquires

BackorderZone.comDomain aftermarket powerhouse SnapNames, in conjunction with its parent company, recently finalized a deal to purchase and its Registrars in an effort to further enhance its already-powerful drop catching services.

In addition to the domain name, SnapNames purchased 42 ICANN Accredited Registrars to be utilized for acquiring deleting names on the Drop. These, added to the current number of Registrars already owned by SnapNames, will lead to an even higher drop catching success rate.

In the past year, SnapNames substantially increased its number of Registrars through acquisitions like, and partnerships with other drop catching services like NameJet. These strategic moves are part of an overall effort to assist these businesses and solidify SnapNames’s position as the best drop catching service in the industry.

“Being a successful and reliable drop catching service that our customers can count on has always been a top priority for us,” said Michael White, VP of Operations at SnapNames. “We can retain our competitive edge by continually dedicating resources and improving our technology.”

CEO of Arthur Poghosian states, “In order to fully commit to our mission of providing quality business services, NamePal has decided to pass its sister company into the hands of a veteran team with the most reliable provider in the drop catching industry – SnapNames. Now, NamePal can entirely focus on domainer-centric tools such as Remote Domain Management and its Multi-platform Backorder Aggregator.” will now redirect visitors to, where they can set up an account and take advantage of the patented backorder technology and successful drop catching service SnapNames has to offer.